💀 Dia De Los Muertos: The Altar Guide, Part 2 💀

If you’ve had the chance to set up your altar as I wrote about in The Altar Guide, Part 1, then you’re ready to start making it more personal. If you need a refresher on why Day of the Dead is awesome and not depressing, I’m a huge fan of this film school short (a great way to introduce kiddos to the idea too)!

By now, you know that Dia de los Muertos (DDLM) is all about the symbolism. The more you dive in to the metaphor, the more beautiful and enjoyable it becomes. However, it is not enough to raise an altar and call it a day. Your altar needs to genuinely remind you of the ones you’ve loved and invoke strong memories when you sit and reflect on it.

Now, most of us in third culture and living in America don’t have the luxury to genuinely celebrate for 48 hours straight–at a cemetery no less! However, you can still make the altar in your home shine brightly and fondly for your deceased. The infographic below can help you take it to the next level in making your altar a personalized decor piece.


If you make something fabulous, I’d love to see it and see you share it with the world! Find the DDLM community on Instagram, and #showusyouraltar for #DOTD2017!

Until then, happy construction!

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