A Little Pumpkin Pitch-In (September Canva Feature)

I’ve decided to start sharing my Canva creations (at least once a month, but probably more). I seriously use this platform all the time, and it’s continued commitment to growth impresses me. Canva offers great premium features as well as an immense amount of resource for its free users. If you see this and think “Oh, I’m not creative,” STOP! 🛑 Anyone can do it. It just takes the courage to take a template and try to make it your own. (More Canva tips down the line!)

September’s feature is a small graphic I created for an Outlook invite. My cubicle mates and I organized a pitch-in for all things pumpkin spice (check out the Pumpkin Spice Chow recipe I threw together!), and I felt it needed a little pizzazz.

In this graphic I used five images, and then rotated, adjusted color, and duplicated as needed: 3 leaves, 1 pumpkin, and 1 coffee cup

If you’d like to create your own autumn invite or fall-inspired image, I’ve included the fonts and color codes used in this graphic below. Happy Canva Creating!

Hex Codes: 

  • #ffffff (aka white)
  • #232323 (background, not quite black)
  • #f3b937
  • #fa9e27
  • #f3780a
  • #7c4d25
  • #fc7138
  • #ffcb64


  • Heading: Playlist Script
  • Subheading: Raleway
  • Paragraph: Raleway Thin

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