A Gem from Avenue Q the Musical (Playlist)

If you haven’t learned already, I really love musicals. Old, new, and everything in between. The Tony Awards are a sacred event, I was married in New York City, and one of the things on my Bucket List is to someday attend BroadwayCon there again.

Another weird thing about me is that I have this list of random, not-important-to-the-world at all things that I sorta kinda get the urge to do sometimes. For example, I want to rewatch all of my Golden Girls seasons and start recording a history of Rose Nyland’s St. Olaf stories…we’re talking a tree, maybe a neighborhood map…

The thing is, somebody has probably already done a lot of the tasks on this list, because if I’ve found anything it’s that the things I get excited about in a nerdy way are often not original thoughts. 😆

Image result for avenue q original cast

That said, for a while I haven’t wanted to actually create the mix tape that Princeton gives Kate in the musical Avenue Q. Avenue Q probably got me through all of my college angst. On the cast album, “Mix Tape” is track seven if you’re curious about it. So I got carried away on Spotify and did it! My playlist starts with track seven and then plays like what Kate Monster would hear to realize Princeton likes her. In some places, the particular artist is unclear and multiple songs have the same title. I did my best guesswork. Please enjoy this random allusion from my peculiar list:

Kate Monster’s Mix Tape (from Avenue Q)

Image result for avenue q princeton and kate mix tape

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