Jalapeño Poppers

I love jalapeño poppers because they’re cheap, quick, flavorful, and unpredictable.

Jalapeños are often purchased by the pound and in the summertime, boy are they affordable. Each pepper yields 2 poppers, so the number of peppers will double into the number of poppers (again, high yield with low cost). The flavor can be adjusted into a wide variety of options with seeds, savory jellies/jams, and cheeses. Finally, they do are not one of those overdone recipes. I have never seen someone bring them to a pitch-in or a BBQ, so if you choose to you can guarantee some originality.

I made these poppers for a recent backyard shindig with my family, and they were a hit. I’ve included some tips from my former chef husband, Mike. Enjoy!

Printable Copy Available Here


  • 🌶 Jalapeños (8-10, yields 16-20 poppers)
  • 🍓 Savory jelly/jam of choice (Examples in printable recipe or here)
  • 🧀 Cream cheese or goat cheese (or cheese with comparable texture)
  • 🥓 Bacon, or bacon-like protein


Go grocery shopping, if needed. 😜

Cut the jalapeños in half stem to point (long-ways). Remove all seeds and ribs. Remember that fresh peppers will have a kick anyway and jalapeños are especially unpredictable. Keep more innards and seeds to advance the heat.



Lightly spread savory jelly/jam of choice into the insides for a sweetener to taste (less than a teaspoon).


Fill pepper shell with cheese so that it is level with pepper’s sides or just over. Do not have it heaping with cheese. This will result in a big ol’ mess while cooking and hot cheese bursting into people’s mouths when eating. Yikes!

(Optional) Add a hot sauce dot or sprinkle a seasoning of choice. We all have our own favorite household flavors, so don’t shy away from making this your own.

Cook bacon/protein for about 10 minutes at 350° and let cool long enough to be safe to handle. This precooks the bacon a bit more, so when you cook the final popper the bacon can get crispy as the pepper gets tender. Without this step, the bacon doesn’t have enough time to cook to crispy perfection and will result in more of a ham experience. Not bad, but different texture.


Wrap pepper with one piece of bacon and secure with a toothpick.

Grill for ~10 minutes or bake at 350° for ~15 mins.

Steps Below

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