Mudblood Computer Lounge (Part 2): Home Accents

Friends, if you read my last post about the bridge you know that it has some new Harry Potter items detailing the walls. But for me, details are the key. Details are what make or break a space for me. This post will be about some minor detail changes I made to help the room.

First, the no-brainer. I moved my Harry Potter series away from my other books and onto the counter/mantle area. Then, as I rummaging some old items in my bedroom, I remembered that I had this delightful warhoggy-beasty kind of thing. It was a jewelry holder that I purchased at Maurice’s in their accessory section. Now it will hold my tacks, paperclips, flash drives, and of course, rogue bobby pins.


I ensured that the lamp by my newspaper piece would be green to add an ethereal effect to the wall and offer me that magical, glowing effect when my patronus piece wasn’t charged up with light.


I also wanted a piece of glassware. I had to be very careful not to let it become kitschy. The bottle I used was just $1.50 in Michael’s glassware section. I struggled deciding what to do with it. I wanted it to feel like Harry Potter without it feeling like an 8-year-old’s birthday party. Eventually, I landed on floo powder (the powder used to travel).

Travel. That word stuck with me. I remembered that my husband and I both had some old, we-need-to-revamp-or-get-rid-of-these containers of sand from especially important travels. I combined them and funneled them into the jar as our own ‘travel powder’. I used Modge Podge to attach a small Ministry of Magic emblem on it and seal the cork in place. As a finishing touch, I used the leftover wire from the stag packaging to wrap around the neck. I think it gives it a little character, and I was probably going to throw it out anyway.

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I still had one 8×8 matted to 5×5 Studio Decor multipurpose frame from a 4-pack on hand and decided to get quote-y with it. The more I looked at the space, the more I wanted one of those touchy-feel good feelings when I looked at it. I was reminded of the series’ culminating sentence and the sense that no matter what happens those true of heart will find peace and rest. So I ran with it. There are loads of Etsy shops and self-calligraphy to delve into; however, that is not extra style money I have nor a talent I currently possess. That said, I utilize the free resources of Canva any time I need a printed resource to look nice. It’s amazing and worthy of its own post.

The print you see is the font Playlist Script in 80 pt. font. Tip: Always print lettering in a couple of color combinations, patterns, or inverted contrasts. Store them in the back of the frame so you can mix it up later if you ever get bored or change up your style. If you want to add graphics, remember that you can utilize an Advanced Search on Google to find images with various license and usage rights. Also, I find that adding “.png” to my search phrase tends to narrow images to only nicer ones that will play nice with any background. Essentially, .png = transparent/invisible background.


I added my wand boxes for a little vignette, casually sitting as they would at Ollivander’s rather than on full, gaudy display.

…and all was well. Thanks for joining friends! I hope you enjoyed these small, affordable upgrades as much as I enjoyed sharing them!