Soft and Nerdy: My Obsession with Accent Pillows That Don’t Go Together

There is often this stigma around things that are outside of mainstream trends. Things that tend to be ‘geeky’ or ‘nerdy’ are also seen as immature or the kind of thing you see in a bachelor pad (like unframed posters with frayed edges). This is a stigma that I fight rather rigorously. If Star Wars can make 10 movies without anyone blinking an eye, I can certainly call something geeky a piece of decor. Especially, when I pair it with something soft and interesting. Here are just a few snapshots of #softandnerdy at my home.

I absolutely adore geometric shapes, lines, and intriguing patterns. Here I have a Jennifer Lopez pillow from Kohl’s paired with an angry emoticon accent from Walmart. Pricey meet petty.


Here is a multi-textured, mauve from Big Lots with a Guardians of the Galaxy nod (quote on back of pillow).


Finally, another Big Lots patterned pillow with a splash of meme. The Grumpy Cat antagonizes the fur babies with his disdain for most things (including these pillows, ha!).


Just wanted to share a simple, easy way that I upscale some of my favorite quirky items that might on their own be seen as a shadow of singlehood. I love my weird items, and I love my pretty pillows. Together, they create a lovely contrast that I think brings out the best in both items. So rather than going for that luxury $50 pillow, I encourage you to get funky with pairing the oddities at your home already. You never know what will catch your eye.