The Dark Noon Pledge

I have a problem with self-care. I think it’s a common problem from what I hear. We live in a culture that often glorifies “busy” and information overload in the name of being engaged. The result is often self-neglect.

I think a lack of self-care is one of the most dangerous things we can contribute to society that is in fact well within our control. It requires that we choose to take care of ourselves first. We have to acknowledge our limitations, our flaws, and our messes. Then we have to say not only do they exist, but that we are okay with them existing. Sometimes this is perceived as being negative or not a team player or some other form of deficiency despite the fact that we all have these limits and walls we hit.

Learning and growth are in struggle. Nobody ever became brilliant by being perfect or never messing up. Yet many of us hold ourselves to a standard of perfection and are in complete denial about acknowledging the ugly shit that went down to get there. We do not allow others to see our mess. We only share the things we are proud of and not the vulnerable parts that actually enrich who we are as people. Why is that?

One day I was online and feeling particularly frustrated, disconnected, and disengaged, when I came across a post from a handle I believe was something “thugunicorn” and mentioned the word sparkle. That was the moment I felt inspired and a defiance to the self-care slump. I bought myself some flowers and created a pledge that I say to myself when the world is too much. It makes me feel great about my imperfections, and it helps me gain perspective. The pledge also reminds me that while I undergo my own version of bullshit, I am always amongst thug unicorns, badass people who struggle and sparkle.

There is a power in the repetition of our self-talk. Use it for good.


This post is part of the Dark Noon DIY Life Coach, a philosophy that recognizes that most of us do not have the luxury to hire a guidance counselor during our adult dysfunction. (If you do, awesome.) Like the crafty DIY community, we must share our greatest lessons learned and support with others to guide us through adulting. When it comes to leading a life of purpose and intention, you must do it yourself. The Dark Noon DIY Life Coach gathers lessons from experience and others engaging in #DNliving and shares them. Advice is use it or lose it. Do what makes sense. Don’t do what doesn’t work.