You’re Not a Shitty Person for Playing Pokemon Go

That’s all. And in case, no one has ever bothered to say that to you, no, you’re not a shitty person. You’re not less of an adult. You’re not lazy or antisocial or wasting your time away. You’re not a problem or a zombie or a millennial mess.

You’re a person.

A person who likes an activity.

It’s free (unless you’re a hardcore gamer). It’s portable, which means you can enjoy yourself inside or outside. And despite what the haters say, it connects you and drives you to try new places and new challenges.

When the game first came out, there was overnight backlash. Like, within six days it was all that was on my social media news feeds. I was really taken aback not that there was backlash, but just that it seemed really intense and a bit unwarranted given we were talking about a game utilizing old technology.

My husband and I are avid players. We know many FUNCTIONAL ADULTS who are. We’re not bad people, and you aren’t either. What this comes down to is the same issue that has historically always driven wedges between people through culture, race, class, and many more categories. Judgement.

We judge what is not readily familiar or inherently part of our confirmation bias of how the world “should be.” We judge what doesn’t bring us joy or fulfillment and sometimes forget that there are others in the world with a different reality they live that is equally true.

So the takeaway:

Your truth is not another’s truth. Your judgement is not an asset, but only a barrier to better understanding the people you share the world with. And to the Poke-players, one more time for the people in the back, your gaming does not diminish your worth.

So go catch ’em all!