Collections Can Be Nerdy Frasier Eclectic

My husband and I are nostalgia hoarders. We save things to a ridiculous degree. Tickets, fan merchandise, weird trinkets collected as places we’ll never go again. I even have a fortune cookie fortune collector’s journal.

It would be a problem for most people, but we have leaned into the compulsion. We are sentimental people, and we like our memories. Rather than begrudgingly forcing ourselves to be minimalists, we have had to get creative with our items to make them more artistic or give them more utility.

We also have a hodge podge style, because we love so many different elements of design. We’re talking farm glam meets industrial modern which is sometimes boho chic and adds a twist of…let’s stop there. Many people develop a style and then build into it. Our style is stuff that makes us smile, and we make the style fit us. Here at the house we call it “Nerdy Frasier Eclectic” because many of our pieces are nerdy or ultra specific, but we have an appreciation for finer things as well. We bash them together, and call them an eclectic style. Because that’s what Frasier Crane would call it if he happened to have an affinity for Ironman merchandise.

In our home, we had this pile of 3-D movie glasses. This pile was acquired before they started leaving out those recycling bins for them. At first, I thought that this was one of those “trash and forget” things, but I decided that they could be part of our decor. I’m sharing this because I feel like there are many oddball items in a household that this could work for.

First, I acquired a wire book stand for less than $2. You can find them everywhere, and some are certainly more stylish than others. This one is pretty basic.


I kept mine its original color, but if color is important to your decor you might paint it. Then, I simply stacked the items slowly and strategically. You will need to do what I call Jenga in reverse.


Once you get an idea of the kind of shape you like (for example, above is a rounder shape), you can actually fairly easily move it or recreate it in another spot. If you’re absolutely in love with it, I might suggest bustin’ out a glue gun. Myself, I like changing the shape every now and then, so I keep it free-forming.

Finally, where does a weird pile like this go? I’m a big believer that abstract art should go where you already have associations. These remind me of the movies, and thus they will go by the TV. As a bonus, it’s fun to find something ugly that your creations can cover like wires, cable boxes, or really anything that has all function and no design.


And voilà! Nerdy Frasier eclectic art!


Now, my last bit of advice when creating or integrating pieces like this is to choose your locations carefully. I am a frugal styler. I value upcycling, recycling, clearance, and imagination. You don’t have to spend your paycheck at a home decor store on the weekend to make your house feel like a home. The danger of this, of course, is that without discretion your eclectic vibe could just look like a pile of crap or bachelor baggage.

That’s why it’s important that if you’re trying to pull this off as decor that you place it in a simple area where it is not competing with other pieces for attention, and it can be an anchor piece holding a corner or side on its own. Here I’ve also chosen to place it next to a wine display to counteract any juvenile associations.

I hope this is helpful for any of you struggling to justify a collection in your home.