Mudblood Computer Lounge (Part 1): Wall Art

Fellow mudbloods (aka adults in denial and will die maintaining that they are 1/2 magical blood)! I would like to share with you my latest endeavor: Harry Potter-ifying the room that’s known as “the bridge” in our household (Live long and prosper, friends.). Other people call it their computer room. For us, it’s the core that keeps all other electronics functioning and tends to lean on the #geekychic side of things.

First, I caught a sale at Books-A-Million for Harry Potter wall art and decided that the bridge was the only appropriate place for it all. Thus, a muggle makeover was born.

I purchased this simple and clean-looking stag at Target shortly after my wall art ravaging. I thought it looked very elegant on its own and could be a great anchor piece acting as a patronus and certainly balancing our wall out (my husband’s desktop has three monitors, but mine only has two). With the addition of some Krylon glow-in-the-dark spray paint, I was able to make it truly stand out.

Two things you need to know about glow-in-the-dark anything: 1) I don’t care what color you buy, it will more than likely turn out greenish or not glow at all, and 2) most glowing paints will require that they be exposed to direct light in order to glow. Be sure to place your items in direct light (natural or artificial works). I would have loved for it to glow in blue, but I chose my battles with this one. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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The paint does not distort the color and still looks clean against the wall. Then, I started hanging our house regalia above each computer station. I am a Slytherin, and my husband is a Ravenclaw (discovered via the official quiz at Pottermore).


There were two more canvas pieces and a metal poster that I hung askew in between the stations.

Now, there are a few things I wouldn’t mind changing if I owned my home, like the fan fixture or wall colors–maybe even some footprints near the Marauder’s Map or some ribbon to make my envelope look a little more like a howler–but my approach here, was less is more. I wanted a clean space that wasn’t too phony. Look out for the small accents I added to our counter area.

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