10 “No Purchase Necessary” Christmas Gift Ideas

Sometimes we don’t have the finances to show the depth of our caring this time of year. Sometimes in trying to find something affordable, we resort to buying $9.99 prearranged gift packages of bath items in a scent we don’t even know if they will like.

Here are 10 ideas of things you can do to show an effort without having to spend money (or at least a teensy amount) with some follow-ups for over-the-top effort.

  1. Give them your favorite recipe. –> Or offer to make it for them and share a cooking experience together, then leave the recipe afterward.
  2. Create a mix CD of songs that remind you of them or shared experiences. –> Or serenade them with one of the songs OR dedicate the playing of this song at a public venue.
  3. Write a literary work for them: a poem, a short story, a list, etc. –> Or read it to them in public or private; people love being inspiration for expression.
  4. Tell them something you’ve always wanted to but always stopped yourself from saying before. –> Or tell them a secret.
  5. Give them a back rub, neck rub, or foot rub. Really any combination of these is a fantastic idea. –> Or make a punch-card for multiple rubs (remember how Subway used to give stamps?), OR make it a “sexy time” experience to make them feel attractive and wanted.
  6. Make a bucket list coupon book of all the stuff you would like to do in the following year together. –> Or make it more specific with an activity for each month that is specific for you two or a group of friends.
  7. Agree to a photoshoot. Meaning, you spend the day with them and they get to take as many pictures as they want within the day. No qualms. No complaining. Only smiles.
  8. Use pictures you already have OR draw original sketches to create a custom calendar. –> Use an online template to help:  http://www.printablecalendar.ca/
  9. Recruit 5 people to support a cause they believe in: Do they volunteer? Do they have a passion? Do they have a Facebook Page, blog, or artistic project?
  10. Offer to do all of their Christmas gift wrapping/shopping or address their Christmas cards. –> Or offer to clean their house a certain amount of times or after a party. Really anything that would be an inconvenience to them during this stressful time of year could be a gift (pet-sitting, grocery shopping, be the designated driver, etc.)

I would be so happy if any of my loved ones and friends did ANY of these. I encourage you to fit as many people as possible on your list this year, and when your wallet can’t give, let your whimsical nature. You’d be surprised how much fun you’ll have with these! Start planning…


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